During my time at Georgia Southern University, I've had the chance to explore different disciplines through a multitude of projects. Below are some of my favorite assignments: 


DESIGN + COPY - Class focused around writing copy and designing promotional material for a client. My client was Student Media's Reflector Magazine.


DESIGN + COPY - In my Introduction to International Studies class, we each created a "20% Time Project" where we investigated how a topic of our interest impacted something in the realm of international studies. My research was on how the wine, beer, and spirits industry impacts the United States economy. For this project, I designed my "slides" in Adobe InDesign and presented it at a "Student Showcase" inside the Russell Union. 

You can view the full "Drop by Drop" presentation here


PHOTOGRAPHY - At the end of the semester, students were partnered up and instructed to produce a feature story that was accompanied by an audio slideshow. My partner and I wrote about the "Lighting of Sweetheart Circle" which is an annual Georgia Southern tradition.